How does Bahama Bronze create a tan?
Bahama Bronze's active ingredient, DHA, causes a reaction with the amino acids in your skin that results in a perfect golden tan very quickly. The advantages here are numerous: You don't have to expose yourself to harmful UV rays. You don't have to pay pricy professional airbrush tan fees, and you can do it in the convenience of your own home.

What is DHA?
DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in professional airbrush tanners, misters, and Bahama Bronze spray tan in a can. It's what actually causes the chemical reaction that results in a tan. Don't worry though, DHA is perfectly safe and is FDA approved. More on DHA

Why are there two Bahama Bronze formulas?
Bahama Bronze original is simply for providing a perfect bronze tan the easy way. However, Bahama Bronze Advanced contains the anti-aging serum Matrixyl™. It has been proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and promote younger looking skin.

Is it hard to apply?
Not at all. Bahama Bronze sunless spray tan in a can is an easy to apply aerosol formula. Simply hold the can 10-14 inches away and apply in smooth, even strokes.

Can it stain carpeting or clothing?
We recommend applying Bahama Bronze in a shower, outdoors, or on some type of flooring that is easy to clean. Because it is an aerosol mist, it's possible that the spray on tan could get on nearby objects (such as carpeting). If it does happen to get on towels or clothing, Bahama Bronze will come out in the washing machine.

Will it turn me orange?
No. Bahama Bronze's formula contains only bronzing ingredients. Nothing in the formula can create an orange, off color tone.

Will it look streaky?
No. There's no rubbing involved with applying the spray tan. So there's no way for streaks to form on your skin.

How long will a tan in a can application last?
5-7 days, however it does depend on the thickness of the application. Obviously a light application will not last as long as a heavy application.

Can I touch up my spray on tan?
Sure. Bahama Bronze is perfect for filling in tan lines, and is ideal to use for evening out a prior application.

How many applications does each can of spray tan yeild?
Each 7 oz. can cover an average sized person twice. Naturally it depends on the persons size and how thick you apply the tan.

Does the spay on tan look natural?
It really does. Bahama Bronze spray tan in a can produces a tan that looks identical to what you'd recieve from a professional airbrush tanner or tanning mister. With careful application, it can emulate a natural golden tan perfectly.


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